Dagger Skim Wakesurf



The Dagger Skim wakesurf from Black Revolt is one of the best-selling models in the game. The Dagger skim 51″ is the ideal board for girls and the Dagger skim 54″for boys. The Dagger 57″ is ideal for bigger riders or beginners. Fast and manoeuvrable, these Dagger Skim Wakesurf are the ideal boards for beginners to advanced riders. With these little bombs you have the weapons in hand to land all the tricks you dream of. These wakesurf boards are made with the best materials available on the market. The core of the board is in PVC Airex (guaranteed waterproof) laminated under vacuum with polyester resin and E-glass. Each board is handmade in France by our shaper in his workshop. All the riders who have tried them are unanimous: an hellish popfor ollies, incredible lightness and a great look.

You can choose the fin size that will come with your board: Pro skim 25 for expert riders – Pro skim 35for intermediate riders or Shadow 45for beginner to experienced riders.

Boards sizes:

51″55/70kg depending on your level and size of the wave.

54″65/80kg depending on your level and size of the wave.

56″ 70/95kg depending on your level and size of the wave.

Equipped with full traction pad, several colors possible, contact us for availability.

Waterproof PVC Core – Vacuum Lamination – E-glass – Progressive Rocker

Made in France