Dagger Scoky Carbon Pro



The DAGGER SCOKY CARBON PRO is one of the most advanced wakesurf board on the market. Based on the Dagger pro (our 3x world champion board) and meticulously modified / redesigned by the 2023 European Pro Skim Champion our pro rider Olivier Scokaert, this already good performing board just got better.
The flat rocker gives it the ultimate pop of every skim-style board. It makes the board fast, riding backward just as well as forward, giving you endless possibilities to combine tricks. The sharp rails provide utmost responsiveness and precision in handling. Furthermore, it improves the control you have over the board, resulting in a reduced feeling of slippiness that skim-boards tend to have.
The Dagger Scoky Carbon Pro features a pointy nose and tail, here to greatly ease shuv-it and rotation releases.
To back-up those advanced design features the board is built from the highest quality materials. The 3k FULL-CARBON construction optmimizes the weight to size ratio, without compromising durability. Additionally, this world-class construction ads stiffness, enabling you to load more energy in the board and let it release like a spring, maximizing the pop.
It is clear the Dagger Scoky Pro delivers unparalleled performance and quality – true characteristics of made in France products. This is a board for those who want to bring their riding to the next level without ANY compromise.

The Dagger Scoky Carbon Pro is delivered with our brand new Black Revolt premium micro dots traction pads designed by Olivier himself.

Equipped with traction pads and delivered with a 25 pro skim fin  – Waterproof Airex core – Vacuum lamination – Full Carbon – Flat Rocker

Handcrafted in France

Boards sizes

48″45/60kg  (100lbs/ 132lbs) depending on your level and size of the wave.

51″55/70kg  (121lbs/ 154lbs) depending on your level and size of the wave.

53″65/85kg (143lbs/ 190lbs) depending on your level and size of the wave.